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Ultrasound in Sunny beach

Types of ultrasound examinations performed at Viva Clinic are listed bellow.
- Ultrasound of liver and gall bladder
- Ultrasound of kidneys and urine bladder
- Ultrasound of the thyroid gland
- Ultrasound of the mammary gland (breasts)
- Ultrasound of the prostate gland
- Ultrasound for pregnant women
- Ultrasound for DVT (deep vein thrombosis)
- Ultrasound of testicles.

Abdominal organ echography
Before the examination, drink only clear liquids such as water, light tea or strained juices. It is necessary to consume about 300 ml of liquid at once and not to urinate before the test.
It is recommended not to eat before the examination in order not to cause bloating due to gas buildup, which can hinder the examination.
The examination is conducted in a lying position. The doctor will apply a small amount of colorless gel onto the area to be examined and will begin the examination using the transducer with gentle movements. The examination is painless and harmless.
The results of the examination are available immediately and are printed on paper.
Thyroid gland echography
Mammary gland echography
Prostate gland echography
Gynecological echography

Ultrasound diagnostic imaging, also known as echography, is a diagnostic procedure that uses high-frequency sound waves. Different organs reflect these waves differently, creating a specific image that is projected onto a video screen. By using this method, organs can be seen in real time and in their natural movement.

Ultrasound examinations in Sunny Beach, Nessebar, Pomorie.

Echography (known also as ultrasound) is a clinical, non-invasive imaging module that is used for the measurement of the axial length of the eye and for the investigation of pathologic entities of the chamber angle, the iris and the ciliary body.

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