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Temenuga Panayotova, MD - Radiologist in Sunny beach

Vivaclinic performs X-ray examinations in the Sunny Beach area. Contact us for appointment scheduling and detailed information.

A radiologist is a specialist in radiology who diagnoses and treats diseases using imaging techniques. The main task of a radiologist is to interpret the results of X-ray images and provide information based on which an accurate diagnosis can be made for the patient.

The activities of a radiologist include:
- Performing diagnostic imaging procedures using various methods on organs and systems in the human body. These tests are primary information for diagnosing various problems and diseases. In many cases, they confirm or exclude a preliminary diagnosis. The tests include X-rays, X-rays,

- Interpreting / reading the results. A radiologist analyzes and interprets images to detect anomalies or pathologies, to confirm or exclude a diagnosis.

- Communication with other doctors. Radiological studies and their readings, conclusions and recommendations are provided to the patient's treating doctor.

- Monitoring treatment effectiveness.

Radiologists provide important information that helps in making accurate diagnoses and planning appropriate treatment.

What are X-rays?
X-rays are one of the most popular methods of obtaining images of various organs, systems, cavities in the human body. Their discoverer is Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, in 1895. The technology for obtaining images using X-rays has developed significantly over time, but has not changed in essence. Modern technologies are digital, and the radiation dose is much lower.

We, at Vivaclinic, Sunny Beach, can diagnose and treat a range of diseases.

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